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4 benefits of ‘going organic’ in your garden

The word ‘organic’ has been growing in prominence in the gardening world for some years and so because the benefits of ‘growing organic’, and looking after your garden as nature intended are vast.

Here are our four key benefits to using organic products in the garden:

  • Healthy soil. Feeding your soil regularly with generous amounts of organic matter like compost will help increase the vitamin and mineral content within the earth. It will also encourage biodiversity where microbes will work the soil to ensure all the minerals, nutrients, water, and air required by plants will be easily accessible to them. The more you feed your soil with organic compost the healthier your garden will become and the greater the rewards it will give you.
  • Tackling climate change. Using organic products and avoiding the use of water-soluble pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers means these chemicals can’t run into our water supply creating an ecological imbalance leading to pollution. Meanwhile, nurturing our soils overtime using organic compost will create carbon sinks. This means less Co2 in our atmosphere while also benefitting the soil’s structure helping support plant life. It’s the best of both worlds - we’re saving to planet while getting the most out of our garden!
  • Slow release of nutrients. The nutrients in organic fertilisers are released slowly into the soil as the plants need them and therefore, last that bit longer. This is incredibly beneficial for our plants with a variety of advantages including a reduced risk of root and plant burn up.
  • Healthy produce. Gardening with organic products means your garden will be free of toxic chemicals and so the produce you’re growing will be too! It’s also proven that your vegetables will have a higher vitamin / mineral content compared to if you were using chemical fertilisers.

Overall organic products are kinder and gentler for our soil, our produce and for ourselves. The gardening future is organic!

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