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New Leaf Compost supports mental health provision during COVID

Over the course of lockdown, we partnered with the Belfast Trust to aid the provision of key services for those experiencing mental ill health during the quarantine period.

The importance of caring for our mental health and wellbeing has always been important however, this was truly brought to light during the months of isolation. The lack of every day social interaction had come to a halt, and that included the provision of key mental health services.

As a result, we decided to donate the equivalent of over 1,500 bags of New Leaf Compost to the Trust’s Day Opportunities centres across Belfast.   

Our compost facilitated the creation of a horticulture garden at the Everton Complex in north Belfast and has assisted with the creation of surrounding outdoor gardening spaces for complexes at Ravenhill in south Belfast and Whiterock.

We had worked with the Trust previously supplying several hundred tonnes of compost for an Acute Inpatient Mental Health facility, however, this time we wished to donate the compost having learned a lot about their work with Day Opportunities.

We wanted those who were dealing with mental ill health to experience the benefits of the great outdoors, while also learning how horticultural therapy can help reduce depression, anxiety, and stress through the release of mood-enhancing endorphins while improving self-esteem, self-confidence, and communication skills.

The Everton Complex has helped around 200 people every year for the past 30 years, and so we feel honoured to have played a part in the supply of these vital mental health services to those within our community during such challenging times. 

Suzanne Wilson Head of North Belfast Day Opportunities said that our donation has “provided a stepping-stone for our users helping to facilitate their personal rehabilitation and equip them for normal life and we are grateful to New Leaf Compost for their continued support.”

Here at New Leaf Compost, we are proud of our community roots, so it’s extremely rewarding to see our compost make such tangible benefits to people within our society.

We’re really proud to be a part of that.

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