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Spring gardening - What to plant?

Spring has sprung which means it’s time to awaken your garden and welcome the return of the gardening season. It is important to note however, that with our unpredictable British weather, there is still a risk of some frost, therefore not all plants are suitable to be sown at this time. 

That’s why we’re here to guide you along and provide you with some of the best plants that work particularly well in a spring garden.

So, let’s get growing!

  1. Carrots– Carrots are one of the most popular spring garden plants. Not only do they taste great in summer soups and salads, but they are generally suited to be grown in the cooler periods of the growing season like spring as they are hardy vegetables which can withstand a bit of unexpected frost! Don’t forget to be on the look-out though for rabbits in your carrot patch - those critters love carrots just as much as we do! 

  2. Beetroot – Beetroot is the perfect beginner-friendly vegetable. It is easy to plant, takes up very little space and is super delicious and nutritious. It’s best to sow these seeds little and often, usually at two-week intervals so you have a continuous crop. When first sown outdoors, these should be covered with fleece or cloches to provide protection from pests. Don’t forgot you can also plant these in containers!

  3. Broccoli– Broccoli is also a cool season vegetable however, it is suitable to be grown all year round. For the best results, we recommend starting them off indoors such as a greenhouse and then moving them outside. Remember to control those slugs and snails - they will devour your seedlings in no time if they are not properly protected!

  4. Onions– Onions are one of the most versatile vegetables and growing your own will mean you will always have them close by. The easiest and fastest way to grow them are as ‘baby onions’ called sets, and these are readily available from garden centres from early spring to later summer. It’s best to plant these in open ground however, growing in raised beds or deep containers if you’re tight on space will work also! Remember birds can often be a problem in stealing these newly planted sets so ensure you cover these with a tight-knitted fabric such as fleece until they have rooted in the soil.

  5. Bare-root fruit trees– Springtime is really your last chance to plant bare-root fruit trees such as apple trees, cherry trees, pear trees and damson bushes. When planting these, soil preparation is vital if you want many years of enjoyment from them. Therefore, make sure the trees have plenty of sunlight, are planted deeply, watered daily especially during the dry months (April to mid-September), and have a good source of organic peat-free compost such as New Leaf Compost.

  6. Berries – Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and gooseberries are all suitable to be grown in spring. Each will require different conditions such as soil pH, specific soil types and the level of watering, so it’s important to do your research to ensure they’re getting the TLC they need to grow / flourish.

With the spring season here at last, we can finally set our green fingers and thumbs to work in creating our perfect spring garden. There are plenty more spring gardening plants out there to keep you busy but our ideas above are perfect to get your garden started.

Happy spring planting!

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