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Expert Advice

The team here at New Leaf Compost are experts, we know a thing or two about Organic Peat Free Compost along with gardening and growing in general.

When it comes to premium quality organic compost there are lots of questions to be answered and so many benefits to be provided.

Here is where we are going to answer some those of questions and talk about the benefits of using the best quality organic peat free compost.

We welcome any questions. Please send your questions via our Contact Page HERE

Is New Leaf Compost 100% Peat Free?

Yes, our compost is totally peat free and made locally using organic natural resources.

Is New Leaf Compost Sustainable?

Yes, New Leaf Compost is a sustainable high quality organic compost made from renewable resources.

Is New Leaf Compost Weed Seed Free?

All of our composts are crafted to be naturally free of weed seed. Testing is carried out on all of our finished composts.

How Is New Leaf Compost Shown To Be A Consistently High Quality Premium Compost?

Our compost is crafted using only carefully selected natural resources along with the highest standards of quality control implemented throughout the making process.