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New Leaf Compost

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New Leaf Compost

New Leaf Organic Mulit-Purpose Compost is 100% Peat free, made from a sustainable resource that is kind to the environment. The compost promotes soil health and enhances the quality of soil. It is a true reflection of nature giving back to nature. If you want to run you garden on greener fuel and your aim is to achieve strong growth and optimum plant health, New Leaf Organic Compost is the natural answer.

New Leaf Organic Compost is a true “magic bullet” in the garden, fixing a multitude of problems in the soil. The start of any good garden is high quality soil and the addition of New Leaf is an easy and long-lasting way to maintain it. When compost is used it acts as a soil conditioner, providing key nutrients to plants on a slow-release basis, nutrients will remain present in soils long after initial application, and healthier plants will naturally defend against disease just like ourselves. Using New Leaf Compost will bring significant improvements including more soil activity, increased earthworm numbers, greatly reduced composition, and better workability of the soil in a sustainable way, New leaf Multi - Purpose Compost is proven as an excellent compost to sow, pot, propagate and grow vegetables organically, food does not need to travel half way around the planet to arrive on our dinner plates. Organic compost is more and more being seen as the way forward towards soil sustainability in the UK, New Leaf locks the carbon up in the soil instead of sending it back into the atmosphere all supporting a local circular economy.

Revered by professional gardeners, New Leaf Organic Peat Free Compost is naturally better all round. Enrich your soil and grow stronger plants with Organic - 100% Peat Free Compost. The greenest of all composts!

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Organic Compost

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