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No Dig Gardening

No dig gardening is a form of gardening that works in harmony with nature. This style of organic gardening has many advantages such as improving soil and clearing weeds at the same time.

A thick layer of peat free organic compost is put down on top of existing soil, lawn or area covered by weeds. A layer of cardboard is usually put down on weeds before the compost is added. The cardboard blocks out the light the weeds need to survive.

Sides such as timber can be installed in order for a raised bed to be created but leading experts in no dig gardening prefer not to use any sides as slugs can hide along the sides.

No dig is a very quick and labour saving method of gardening as you can sow or plant straight away after putting down your layer of compost.

New Leaf Peat Free Compost is the ideal organic compost for No Dig Gardening and has been proven to work for commercial organic growers who use the no dig method to grow their produce.

Benefits of No Dig Gardening With Peat Free Organic Compost

  • Provides Rich Soil 
  • Clears Weeds 
  • Feeds Soils that then provide stronger plant growth
  • A quick and easy way to start growing
  • Less weeds in the future
  • Allows soils to retain all their goodness 
  • Soil Organisms can thrive from being undisturbed 
  • Works in harmony with nature