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New Leaf Guide to 

Winter Gardening Jobs

Garden Jobs To Do Over The Winter

It may be cold and probably wet outdoors but there is still a number of gardening jobs to be done including adding New Leaf Organic Peat Free Compost.


Probably one of the most important jobs in the garden.

Adding a mulch to your garden gives vital protection to the soil. The mulch will naturally improve the soil and create the stable environment for which plants thrive in.

Add a layer of 2-4 inches of New Leaf Multi-Purpose Organic Compost to your garden beds to keep them protected over the winter and ready for spring.

New Leaf compost is the ideal peat free mulch.

[ Read more on the benefits of Organic Compost for mulching HERE ]

Time To Dig

As long as the ground is not frozen or overly wet now is a good time to dig clay soils. Digging over clay soils and adding a compost such as our New Leaf Multi-Purpose Compost. Digging the soil and adding peat free organic compost will start improving the structure of soil and will make planting easier in the spring.


Its not too late to plant some bulbs in the garden for spring colour.

Use our Multi-Purpose New Leaf Organic Peat Free Compost to prepare your ground before planting bulbs.

Plant Garlic

Plant Garlic in the ground or in pots.

Add peat free organic compost to your soil or to a pot and then sow your garlic ready for next season.