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New Leaf Compost helping to create the trees of the future

We often talk about a key benefit of compost being that it helps to lock carbon in the earth – the second largest store of CO2 on the planet behind the oceans – but trees also have a huge role to play in carbon storage.

It was a perfect match then when New Leaf Compost joined with The Belfast Hills Partnership to provide compost for its new native tree and wildflower nursery on the edge of the city.

NWP’s compost will play a vital role in assisting reforestation in Northern Ireland, while supporting the target of planting one million trees in Belfast over the next 15 years, and 18 million across the province in the next decade.

Reforestation will support local biodiversity, improve Northern Ireland’s woodland cover and store carbon aiding the fight against climate change.

The native tree and wildflower nursery was completed at the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown period, and now has an abundance of oaks, hazel and alder saplings.

Once fully operational, the facility will produce around 2,000 new trees annually.

Belfast Hills Project Officer Judy Meharg said: “Trees not only generate oxygen and store carbon but provide homes to a huge range of wildlife with a native Irish oak able to support up to 500 species, including red squirrels, barn owls, pipistrelle bats and tree sparrows.”

With an education area built into the nursery, which will enable children and adults alike to come along and learn about how plants grow, it’s a project we’re proud to have played our part in.

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