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5 essential jobs for your summer garden

Summer is the busiest time in the gardening calendar so it’s important we keep up-to-date on all the activities that come along with this! Below we’ve listed a few of the most important tasks to keep on top of. 

  1. Shade your greenhouse to keep it cool and prevent scorch – As temperatures heighten during the summer it’s important to protect your plants from overheating through shading and ventilation. Opening doors and vents helps to reduce some of this heat however, this is usually insufficient in isolation unless combined with shading. Only a minimum amount of shading should be used to keep temperatures below 25-27°C as plants still need light to grow. Humidity is another important factor in protecting against heat damage. This can be accomplished by damping down hard surfaces periodically.  

  2. Prune any spring flowers – Deciduous shrubs which flower in late winter, spring and early summer require annual pruning and the summer is the perfect time to make a start on this. Pruning once the flowers have finished blooming is essential for encouraging strong new growth meaning enhanced flowering and improved appearance the following year.
  3. Fertilise – Mid-summer is a good time to add a little compost to your plants as they begin to sprout and grow. This will ensure they are topped up on nutrients, water is being retained, and beneficial microbes are being incorporated, assisting with soil structure and aeration all of which are important for healthy, strong growth.
  4. Pest management – Attempts to grow summer fruit, vegetables and flowers can quickly be undermined by pests such as insects, birds and rodents if they are left uncontrolled. Taking action against such pests, be that organic, physical or chemical, will help ensure your plants and flowers are well protected. Doing some research on the best methods for controlling pests based on your specific plants will help ensure optimal protection.
  5. Keep on top of weeding – Weeding at this time of year can seem like a constant battle. As temperatures rise, plants of all sorts begin to grow at similar rates. Keeping on top of your weeds means your plants won’t be competing for nutrients, light, water and space. It’s best to grab them while they’re small as the bigger they get the harder it is to get rid of them. Ways to get rid of weeds include physically pulling them from the ground ensuring the root is taken out, using chemical weed killers or covering the ground with sheets of cardboard, plastic or landscaping fabric.  

Although summer can be a pretty busy  season in the garden at times, the rewards come harvest time are immense. Taking note of the above jobs will mean your garden will be at its best during the summer season!