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6 common gardening mistakes to avoid

Gardening is a learning process, a process which takes much trial and error. Below we have provided a list of the most common gardening mistakes beginners make and if you avoid these, you’ll be sure to get a head-start on most first-time gardeners!


  1. Not preparing the soil – Soil preparation isn’t the most thrilling of gardening activities however, it’s an essential task all gardeners must complete if you wish for your plants to thrive. The key is to prepare your soil with compost as early in the season as you can - we usually advise early spring, and then let your soil rest until the weather is suitable to begin your planting.
  2. Starting off too large – Many gardening beginners have ambitious plans for  their greenspace with ideas for fruit and vegetable plants, flowers beds, garden paths and   It’s important not to start off too large and jump in with both feet as each plant requires specific care and a simple understanding of their needs. We recommend starting small, gaining that experience and planting knowledge, and then adding more beds each year as your horticultural confidence grows.

  3. Over or under composting – Most are aware of the importance of composting and the benefits it can offer to our gardens however, not all plants are equal, and each have different nutritional needs. It’s important to do your research on the plants you’re planning to sow and base your composting requirements on this as too much or too little can damage your plant’s development and prohibit growth.

  4. Failing to weed - Weeds must be removed from your garden when they are small with minimal root systems. Failure to do so means root systems will become stronger and they will start to compete and steal nutrients away from your plants.

  5. Under or over watering – Many people understand the importance of watering plants and if we don’t provide them with enough, they’ll most likely die. However, what many fail to realise is that overwatering can cause just as much damage, if not more. It’s one of the easiest gardening mistakes to make! A simple tip to remember before watering is the finger test. A general rule is that if you place your finger two inches into the soil and it’s dry you need to water and if it’s moist you don’t.

  6. Planting too early or too late – Many gardening beginners are unaware of specific growing times or seasons for certain plants. Planting too early can mean your seeds can fall victim to late frost, while planting too late can mean they might face the first frost of the season before they reach harvest. It’s vital you read your seed packets for growing information to help give your plants the best growing experience.

As you begin your gardening journey taking note of these typical gardening mistakes and making use of the tips provided means you will be off to a better start than most beginner growers.

Happy growing!